The practice of willow work and basketry has a long traditions in Holland and is still alive through people’s practice and places specialized in collecting and preserving that knowledge.

KHSH is on tour for meeting and documenting this inspiring people. One of the firs encounters took place in the Nationaal Vlechtmuseum in Noordwolden where Baukje Scheppink was very kind to tell us about the nature of weaving and the origin of the inspiring collection.
In Wapse we visited Esme Hofman, an outstanding expert in fine basketry and an incredible storyteller and collector of beautiful handicraft objects. In her studio Esme gave us a demonstration abot her craft en soon on the platform there will be a KHSH documentary about her.

We are open for anyone willing to share their experience on Willow work and Basketry.
Don’t hesitate to contact us at or call Holland +31 20 6207210

Nationaal Vlechtmuseum Noordwoden