The Know-How/Show-How team consists of professionals in documentary making, craft and heritage, strategic thinking, writing and social innovation.
Collaboration and co-creation are the driving forces behind the Know How/Show How network.

Dima Stefanova-organization, editorial and communication
Know How / Show How was founded in 2009 by Dima Stefanova; an interdisciplinary media designer born in Bulgaria. She initiates collaborations between professionals in various disciplines and sets up platforms for social participation (Icecreamdesign).

An Amsterdam citizen for the past 20 years, Dima has a clear understanding of the advantages of both a technologically developed country like the Netherlands and life in the Bulgarian countryside, where nature and traditional craft are much more a part of daily life.

With Know How / Show How, she aims to bring both worlds closer together, since she believes strongly in their complementary nature and the beauty they both bring. Know How / Show How collects examples of traditional crafts & knowledge in short videos, which serve as an inspiration for a modern sustainable lifestyle.

Henk Groenendijk-organization, editorial and communication
Henk Groenendijk is professor and researcher in Graphic Design, teaching at Gerrit Rietveld Academie he likes to see design education as a stimulating tool for dynamic development and the origin of conceptual design processes. Since November 2007 he is working and developing the online course Design Theory and Research [Designblog].

Andreas Zangger- concept & communication

Zangger is a historian with a focus on interdisciplinary projects between history, culture, and internet.
Andreas has a PhD from the University of Zürich. He wrote a book on the colonial history of Switzerland (“Koloniale Schweiz – Ein Stück Globalgeschichte zwischen Europa und Südostasien, 1860-1930”) and his thesis will be a part of the series: 1800 | 2000, cultural histories of modernity.

Anke Verhees-strategy, editorial and communication

Anke Verhees provides strategy & coordination for inspiring projects and people. She loves creating real connections, building organizations and strategically mapping out the road ahead. She thoroughly enjoy working with people, getting inspired, be inspiring and growing together. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in people while working towards a common goal(Andersom).

Baukje Scheppink- editorial & redaction

Baukje Schepping is director of the “Nationaal Vlechtmuseum” Noordwolde. She is a letter artist, text writer and artist.

Eline Flipse- instructor workshops

Flipse is a film director of documentaries. Founder of Elifli Film.
She repeatedly paints beautifully subtle and critical portraits of powerful personalities, with warmth and humour. In a strong visual language she evokes a mood that you will feel for a long time afterwards.
Nasha Gazeta (2010) won the prize for Best mid-length Documentary at Hot Doc’s, Toronto, Canada’s

Boriana Pandova – instructor workshops

Pandova is a documentary filmmaker she calls her self a designer of visual massages, with her tools photography or film, computer or her hands she can capture in image and words the most beautiful and fascinating stories.
‘Why would Friday be so lovely?'(2008) in collaboration with Ivan Nikolov.

Esgo Groenendijk – film editing

Esgo has years of experience in professional film/commercial editing working for Hazazah and other editing companies. He has a lively interest in cultural projects.

Denise Citroen- editorial

Denise Citroen is independent editor and researcher, specializing in collecting, researching and accessing life stories, especially from survivors of the Shoah. She initiated the series’ If houses could talk, ” in which she, in consultation with the current residents, publish on the website www.denisecitroen.nlof the (war)history of the houses in de Plantage neighborhood and those of the Community of Jewish Monument.

Know-How/Show-How is a project set up by the Know-How Foundation.

The Foundation was created to preserve and share instances of traditional knowledge that can contribute to practices of sustainability today. 

The Foundation’s mission is to create and support initiatives that research, archive and transfer traditional knowledge, based on the belief that awareness and sharing of age-old techniques and rituals can be a roadmap for contemporary society to thrive sustainably into the future.
Our focal project, Know-How/Show-How (playfully referred to as Grannypedia), is an open platform for public participation that captures local knowledge while encouraging creative partnerships between young and old members of society.

Foundation board members are:

René Put – Editorial Graphic Design, Exhibition Design, Visual Research, Teaching, Workhops and Lectures

Heleen Klopper – is a designer that is interested in the tension between material and object.

John Verheul – Financial consultant at Stichting Ondernemersklankbord