Know-How/Show-How makes sustainable living fun. Old traditions and techniques are a permanent source of inspiration for new ideas and inventions. It’s the start of a creative society, full of new possibilities.

Know-How/Show-How enables inspiration, knowledge and traditions to be passed down from grandparents to grandchildren, from human to human. We look for people with special knowledge and we capture their stories on video. In this way, we get in touch with special knowledge that exists everywhere, we use our resources in a sustainable way, and we live consciously and creatively.

The project is designed to connect the generations.  It leverages young people’s propensity for digital tools and communication platforms into a system of archiving and sharing traditional techniques, partnering them with the senior members of their communities who carry that knowledge.

«In my lifetime I have witnessed dramatic lifestyle changes. My grandmother did not eat fresh tomatoes during the winter and did not produce 14 kg of garbage every week, instead wearing down or recycling most of the material possessions she gathered during her life.  She knew how to live sustainably and respectably, making the most of the few material resources she had, while trusting the richness of her locality and cultural heritage. The generations of my grandmother and mother are a great inspiration to me, and I believe they can be an important source of knowledge into the future. In the coming decades this older population will disappear, along with their know-how… just when we need it most.  Knowledge of how to build a sustainable home, how to grow and preserve one’s own food, how to knit ones own sweater. Sustainable living was part of the former generations’ daily life, and I strongly feel their tools for living can show us a way forward.»

Dima Stefanova founder of KHSH

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