how to make a movie
Before you start:

- If you know the person, you can jump right in.
- If you don’t, take some time to get to know them, make them feel relaxed and explain the process before you start filming.

Technical tips:

- Always check the battery of your phone or camera – bring an extra if possible
- Never film towards the light, always let the light shine on the person
- Check if the frame contains all you want to show (make sure that essential parts are in the frame – not half a face etc)
- Try to capture your entire experience into image
- Think about what is nice to show; maybe the hands of the person doing something, surroundings, atmosphere, details that are important to the story etc.
- Make sure the camera is stable, otherwise the result will be shaky. You can place your smartphone on top of something or stabilize your arm. Use a tripod if you have one

Film tips:

- Don’t talk during the interview! Remember, all sound will be recorded
- Make sure to have 3 seconds silence at the start of each take, this helps with th editing
- Ask the interviewee to repeat the question before answering, this helps with editing
- Start a new movie/take for each question
- Remember: Know How Show How is about practical knowledge and the story behind it. They come together in the person you interview.
- Keep it short! Remember, the final video can be maximum 5 minutes
- If something goes wrong, don’t hesitate to start again

Editing tips:

- If you have edited before, compile your movie:
- Keep the right order of things in mind. Focus on the essentials. Keep it simple.
- Remember; the final video should show both the practical knowledge and the story of the person showing it.
- Send the edited movie to: (via WeTansfer)

- If you don’t know how to edit, you can send us the rough material ( (via WeTansfer).